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How to Register Veterinary Product
Veterinary Drug Product Registration Service

Dubai is a dynamic city and the construction sector grows at a phenomenal rate which is why it is therefore important for people to register their products.

The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment has announced that all veterinary medicines will be required to be imported through the Ministry of Environment And Climate Change henceforth and onwards.

As per the Decree, all veterinary medicines should be imported through the Ministry of Environment And Climate Change henceforth and onwards, except for Medicinal products, Import Controlled Medicines (Semi Control Drugs / Controlled Drugs / Narcotic Products) and Medicinal Devices.

“Veterinary Drug Product Registration Service and All Related Service” is done through the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment”.

What are Veterinary Products?

Veterinary products are those that are intended to be used by veterinarians. These products may be used in veterinary hospitals, clinics, or private practices. Veterinary products include vaccines, medicines, surgical supplies and equipment, and diagnostic tests.

What is the need to register veterinary products?

The necessity for registration of veterinary products can be traced to the need to regulate them under the law. The law requires that all such products must be registered before they can be marketed or sold in Dubai.

Some Advantages of Registering Veterinary Product

There are several benefits associated with having a registered veterinary product. For example, registering your product means that you can sell it in any country around the world without worrying about whether or not you will be able to get approval from local authorities.

The advantages of registering a product under the law are:

  • It helps you ensure that your product meets all relevant standards before it is released on the market.
  • It gives you access to information about new developments in regulatory requirements.
  • It provides you with a clear legal framework for dealing with any issues arising from your product.
  • It provides you with greater security as you do not have to rely on third parties to take care of this aspect of your business.
  • Registration also creates a clear record of what happened during the production, testing and distribution stages of your product’s life cycle.
  • It protects your intellectual property rights (IPR). IPRs include patents & trademarks.
  • You can ensure that your products are safe for use by ensuring that they follow all safety standards and guidelines.
  • You will be able to have access to important information about your products such as batch number, storage conditions, etc.

Final Words

In Dubai, it is mandatory to register all the products and services before offering them in the market. The Veterinary authorities play a major role in examining the pet service providers and also conduct regular inspections for different pet-related services. These service providers need to obtain a certificate from them as without this certificate no service provider has the right to practice their services. Regulatory Affairs assists their clientele in maintaining legal standards and also helps in keeping up with the good reputation of companies through hassle-free product registration services.

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