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Import/Export Permit Approval - MOHAP

The submission of an application and issue of an import permit is carried out electronically under MOHAP portal.

Service completion duration:

  • From 1 to 3 working days for pre-import applications
    From 1 to 2 working days for shipment clearance applications

Service fees:

Application fee: AED 100

Shipment Clearance issuance fee: 1% of the invoice value for the CIF price, not less than 200 dirhams per invoice

Validity: The import permission is valid for two months.

Certificate of Origin

A Certificate of Origin is an official document that determines the origin of exported or re-exported goods. It is an essential document that enables recognition of the origin of goods in order to estimate customs tariffs, as it contains the basic data on trade shipments. A detailed commercial invoice is attached to the document.The certificate of origin is normally prepared by the exporter or manufacturer.

Service fees:

Issuing a Certificate of Origin: 100 AED

Modification of Certificate of Origin: 50 AED

Copy of Certificate of Origin: 50 AED (per copy)

NB: 5 AED will be collected for each additional page after page 5 of the commercial Invoice for all the previous types.

5 AED will be collected for each page of the packing List for all the previous types.

Service completion duration: 1 working day

Free Sale Certificate

MOHAP: A Free sale certificate for a pharmaceutical product intended for export outside the country issued by the MOHAP. Certificates of pharmaceutical products (for locally manufactured pharmaceutical products).

Service completion duration

  • 5 working days

Service fees

Free sale certificate for an export medical product: 1000 AED

Validity: One year

DM:  To obtain a certificate for free sale that indicates the products are freely sold in the local market in Emirates of Dubai and its compliance with the health and safety requirements in in Emirate of Dubai, UAE and issued for the products which are being registered by Dubai Municipality and manufactured solely in the Emirate of Dubai.

Service completion duration

  • 5 working days

Fee is AED 120 inclusive of 20 AED Innovation and Knowledge Fee.

Safety Certificate-Civil Defense

Civil Defense safety certificate required to obtain the approval from Ministry Of Health And Prevention UAE.

Service completion duration: 2-3 working days

Service fees: 50 AED

Validity: One year

Good Standing Certificate-MOHAP

Certificates of good professional conduct/ Good Standing Certificate For medical staff working in the facilities of the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP), Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD) issued by the respective authority.


 Service completion duration

  • 5 working days

Service fees:

Certificate of good professional conduct per doctor: AED500

Certificate of good professional conduct for practitioners of the nursing profession and medical professionals: AED500

Certificate of good professional conduct for pharmacists and assistant pharmacists: AED300


Service completion duration

  • 24 Hours

Service fees: 500 AED 


Service completion duration

  • 1 working Day 

Service fees: 100 AED

Note: Fees & authorities guidelines may be subject to change and final cost may vary & additional documents may be required.

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